The FDA agrees that eggs are a healthy, whole, nutrient-dense food and a clean source of protein. |
The FDA agrees that eggs are a healthy, whole, nutrient-dense food and a clean source of protein. | The FDA agrees that eggs are a healthy, whole, nutrient-dense food and a clean source of protein. |


The FDA Agrees: Eggs Are a Healthy, Nutritious Food

Words by: Family Farm Team

Do eggs belong on the list of foods Americans should consider healthy? Thanks to the latest news from the FDA, answering this question is about to become much easier for grocery shoppers and food producers alike. After decades of undercooked and antiquated guidance, the Food and Drug Administration has finally proposed a revision to food labeling requirements to allow eggs to be labeled as healthy. That’s right: the FDA officially agrees that eggs are a healthy, nutrient-dense food!

As we celebrate this exciting victory for transparent food labeling, we understand the journey in getting here hasn’t been easy to follow for most health-conscious shoppers. So, we're here to help you separate facts from outdated beliefs and unscramble the truth about the health benefits of eating eggs.

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What to know about the benefits of eating eggs

While eggs are now considered a healthy food, many shoppers still have important questions about the health benefits of eating eggs: Will eggs raise cholesterol levels in blood? How often should you eat eggs? Check out the resources below to find the answers and learn which essential vitamins and disease-fighting antioxidants are found in eggs, as well as what food producers like us and skilled nutritionists believe about which foods are considered part of a healthy, balanced diet.

1. Eggs Are a Clean and Sustainable Protein

Not only are eggs the perfect option for your morning breakfast, but they're also a cleaner protein with a smaller carbon footprint. Raising our hens on small family farms with ample access to lush pasture is an approach to farming that we're proud of, and one that's been shown to make less waste and a meaningful impact on the quality of our eggs. By going above and beyond the practices of cage-free and factory farm producers and adhering to Certified Humane's strict standards of animal welfare, we're staying true to our B Corp values and ensuring a happier life for our laying hens.

2. Americans Deserve to Know That Eggs Are Healthy

Making smart, nourishing choices at the grocery store can be hard when nutrient-dense foods like eggs can’t carry the word “healthy” on the carton. Reaching for whole, humanely raised foods like eggs from hens on pasture could give Americans more confidence in their shopping decisions and pack more nutrition into their diet—so long as the FDA‘s confusing, outdated dietary guidelines receive a much needed overhaul.

3. Experts Agree: Eggs Are Healthy

When the FDA’s opinions on healthy foods meant a fudge bar could be considered a smarter snack option than a hard-boiled egg, we here at Pete and Gerry’s knew it was time to take action. Read on to learn how we partnered with Registered Dietitian Keri Glassman in filing a 17-page petition requesting the FDA review and change their outdated criteria on what foods are deemed healthy.

4. 5 Smart Reasons to Eat Eggs Every Day

Exactly how vital a role do high-quality eggs play in a balanced diet? According to Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, eggs are an essential source of protein and vitamin D that deserve a spot on your breakfast plate every day of the week.

5. Are Eggs Truly Healthy?

Concerns over cholesterol and dietary fats have challenged the belief that eggs are a nutrient-dense food in the past, but the science says otherwise. New research shows that eggs don’t raise cholesterol levels in most cases. As a nutrient-dense food that won’t break the budget, eggs also provide essential healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients like choline to support memory, mood, and the nervous and reproductive systems as well as brain development during pregnancy. All things considered, it’s clear that eggs are a healthy staple of any well-balanced diet.

6. Egg Nutrition Facts

Regardless of what words we use to describe the many benefits of eating eggs, it’s difficult to argue with hard facts and scientifically derived nutritional information. From calories and essential vitamins to antioxidants for disease prevention, we’ve compiled a list of essential egg nutrition facts to help you stay informed and choose the healthiest, most nourishing foods for yourself and your family.

Eggs fit naturally into a healthy lifestyle

It's finally safe to say that eggs, especially those produced by hens raised freely on pasture, are a nutrient-dense food packed with many vitamins, protein, and minerals needed for human health. Whether you're searching for an ingredient to fill out your keto-friendly meals or fuel up with a slice of loaded sweet potato toast, eggs make for an affordable kitchen staple and sustainable source of protein. So go ahead and grab a carton of our humanely raised eggs the next time you're in the dairy aisle. Then, smile confidently from knowing you've made a healthy decision.


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