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Believe In What You Buy

At Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, our family has been farming for over three generations. We’re committed to producing the highest quality organic, free range eggs possible for you and your family, for generations to come.


How It All Started

Our story began in the late 1800’s at the Ward Family Farm in Monroe, New Hampshire, where Robert Ward grew up farming dairy cattle and hens. After WWII, Robert’s son Les returned home from naval service and wanted to expand the egg farming business with his brother-in-law Rodney Stanton. Even when industrial-scale egg producers cornered the market and forced many small egg farms out of business in the 1980s, Les and Rodney relentlessly avoided the factory farm trap. When Les passed the farm on to his daughter Carol, son-in-law Gerry Laflamme, and Rodney’s son Peter Stanton, we created the Pete and Gerry’s brand to sell our free range, organic eggs directly to consumers. Our eggs are produced without antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, GMOs, or animal by products. In 2003, we became the first Certified Humane® egg farm in the country, under the auspices of Humane Farm Animal Care. And we’re keeping all our farms that way today, tomorrow, and always.


Our Approach

We are dedicated to the humane treatment of animals, sustainability, and the restoration of the small family farm to the American landscape. Our farming model provides opportunities for family farms to remain in business, from the organic grain farmers who supply our feed to the families across the country that produce our eggs. Best of all, it allows us to provide you and your family with safe, wholesome, organic, free range eggs at a fair price.

"There are so many egg claims that are so intentionally confusing. Our eggs are exactly what you are looking for: organic, free range, and humane. Period."

Jesse LaFlamme, Founder

Driven by Integrity

B Corp Certified

In 2013, we became the first egg farm in the U.S. to become B Corp Certified. B Corporations are committed to creating benefits for the environment and all people involved, including you! They follow three guiding principles: Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Profitability. The Certified B Corporation seal on our organic egg cartons is part of that guarantee to help you Believe In What You Buy. It shows our values in running our business in a socially-and environmentally-conscious way, for good.

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Looking to the Future

A Better Way to Grow

Gerry and Carol’s son Jesse Laflamme now runs our free range organic egg farm with the help of his family. He’s raised the bar even higher with his commitment to small-scale farming, organic foods, humane treatment of animals, and conservation. Our partnership model ensure that we’ll never fall into the factory farm trap. We will continue to recruit other small family farms so that they too can thrive, instead of letting factory farms swallow them up.

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Thinking About Working with Us?

We’re always looking for fun-loving people who share our passion to produce the highest quality, free range eggs on the market. If that’s you, then come join our family.