La Vie en Rose

ngélique, our sweet and gracious hostess aboard the Tango, delighted us day after day with beautiful table settings, fancifully decorated butter dishes (I’ll post a link to photos of those tomorrow) and intricately folded napkins. (And I thought I was brilliant when I made little cardinals’ hats out of my napkins at Christmas.) My favorite was this rose design, which she patiently taught us how to make.

Practice this three times and you’ll have it, even if you’ve been drinking wine, golden as this rose, all afternoon.

1. Lay a cloth napkin on a flat surface, “wrong” side facing up.

2. Hold a dinner fork vertically, tines down (like you’re about to twirl spaghetti), on the center of the napkin. Slip a little of the fabric between the tines to stabilize it.

3. Slowly turn the fork in either direction (the spaghetti-twirling motion) so that the napkin forms a spiral around the fork.

4. Carefully remove the fork. Encircle the napkin with both hands to keep the rose from unwinding. Flip it over.